"A Few Words About Words:

A common-sense look at writing and grammar"

April 30, noonJoeDiorio Amazon book headshot

A session about writing and grammar, led by a guy who admits he's bad at grammar.

Joe Diorio has been a writer all his life. As a high school student, he was a stringer for a local weekly newspaper. Later, he worked as a newspaper reporter, freelance writer, corporate speechwriter, and as a public relations professional for agencies and colleges.

Joe's presentation is for anyone who has ever wondered whether ‘also’ should follow or precede the verb; if there’s a difference between ‘preventive’ or ‘preventative’; or if the Oxford comma is as important as some think it is. He provides relief for many common grammar anxieties. He also leaves the audience with the confidence that (1) writing is not natural, but (2) it isn’t impossible to do it well.

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About the Presenter

Joe has written about computers, consumer electronics, PET/CT scanners, and shipping containers for rolls of stainless steel. (Yes, that’s a thing.) He can learn, write about, and make any topic interesting and clear. He’s most proud of his newsletter, A Few Words About Words, which is a layman’s look at language. One reader said that, after reading Joe’s newsletter, they miss William Safire a bit less. True or not, he likes that comparison.  Joe and his wife, Susan, live in Fort Myers, Florida.

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Past Events

"How PR and Comms Pros are Using AI - and You Can, Too!"

March 7, noon - 1p.m.

We were thrilled top PR pro Jason Mudd, CEO of Axia Public Relations, hosted a session for IABC FloMudd Jason Color hi res forward crop resizedrida members and guests to discuss how PR and communications professionals are using artificial intelligence (AI)' in their jobs.

Mudd, whom the World Communications Forum named North America's top PR leader in 2023, talked about how communications professionals are using today's AI tools - and how you can, too!

This virtual session covered:

  1. How to start using AI
  2. AI ethics
  3. Setting, communicating and enforcing AI policies
  4. AI tools, opportunities and challenges, and
  5. Recommended AI resources.

See video recap.


"New Year - New Ideas!"

Janunary 30Mahlia Aqeel

The event featured IABC workdwide leaders asking for your feedback on building a better organization while showcasing the existing benefits of being an IABC member.

Among the presenters: IABC Global Board Chair Maliha Aqeel, who heard your thoughts and shared IABC's valuable offerings, such as its accreditation program, online resources, and World Conference in Chicago in June.

You also heard from IABC Southern Region Chair Linda Wesley and board members of IABC Florida, which recently completed a consolidation of state chapters into a single, more robust, and active entity.


IABC Florida Virtual Happy Hour!

November 15, 2023 images

As we headed into the holiday season, IABC Florida colleagues met for for a Virtual Happy Hour!

We introduced our IABC board members, mixed and mingled a little, and wished each other a happy holiday season.



Darcy Eikenberg,

"Drop Some Balls: How to Do Less and Get More Done,"DarcyEikenberg resized

September 21, 2023

The very first IABC Florida Program, “Drop Some Balls: How to Do Less and Get More Done,” was hosted by IABC Florida’s own Darcy Eikenberg, a leadership coach and longtime IABC member. Darcy led an interactive and high-energy session

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